The Cabinet of wonder

Vapeur d’Encres’ cabinet of wonder is a cultural space divided into two sections: the first one is dedicated to temporary exhibitions of artwork (paintings, illustrations, photographs) and unique designs (lights, jewellery, decorative objects).

The second section is related to the world of cabinets of wonder and showcases our permanent exhibition made up of items from the animal and plant world and works of art.

The three principles

The dissemination and promotion of artistic and cultural works

Vapeur d’Encres promotes local or international artists and the work of its artists in residence through cultural events (exhibitions).

An opportunity to experiment through different cultural practices

We want to provide intellectual experiences and offer different views on current events to people, via debates or lectures. We also want to promote meetings and interactions between artists/lecturers and audiences within our venue. 

Access to culture for all

Our events are inclusive, free of charge and guarantee open access to everyone.

Debates, conferences and exhibitions offer freedom of speech and expression, which facilitates sharing and discussion. Everyone can thus bring their commitment and propose their vision of a world to be built.

Artists and Designers

Who we are

Vapeur d’Encres offers both a Tattoo studio and a Cabinet of wonder in the same space, featuring a Steampunk style.


Do you have a question?

Vapeur d’Encres’ cabinet of wonder is an association under the law of 1901 whose objective is to promote culture for all. It’s an exhibition space divided into two sections:

  • the first one is dedicated to lectures and temporary exhibitions, which changes every month.

  • the second one refers to a cabinet of wonder, which showcases our permanente exhibition, made of items from the animal and plant world and work of art.

Artists and designers that are selected after having presented their work commit to exhibit by signing and returning the liability waiver and the commitment form, as well as the membership and promotion costs. The booking of the exhibition space will only become effective upon receipt of these documents. Fees will be collected two weeks prior to the start of the exhibition. The exhibition will last about two/three months (dates to be defined according to the schedule).

Each artist commits to respect the theme and conditions of the exhibition, the association reserves the right to refuse to accept any artwork which does not match to those or is not in line with the association. 

The artist joins the association (20€) in order to be referenced in Vapeur d’Encres’ waiting list. You will then be given priority in the event of cancellations.

Whenever an exhibition is organized in order to promote your artwork, we will ask you 50€ extra in order to promote the exhibition (referencing on the website and social networks).

To recap:

  • Personal exhibition: 20€ of membership fee + 50€ of promotion fees

  • Collective exhibition (4 people max.): 20€ of membership fee each + 50€ of promotion fees

We exhibit all types of atypical and unique artworks: photographs, paintings, illustrations, etc., as long as they are not perishable.

Vapeur d’Encres works with the company ARTtrust to certify the exhibited artworks.

We thus offer a real service for both the artist and the buyer. Indeed, the certification allows :

  • to protect and prove the rights of the artist;
  • to authenticate the origin of the artworks (originals or limited edition);
  • to certify the content of the certificate of authenticity

Absolutely, feel free to come to the shop for a chat, so we can get to know you and your work. Then all you have to do is join the association (20€) and we will select your designs to showcase them in the exhibition area.

Of course! We have set up a payment facility that can go up to 10 times without interests, only valid in the Cabinet of wonder (designs and artworks).