Tattoo studio and Cabinet of wonder


Welcome to Vapeur d'Encres ('Ink Steam')

Dive into our atypical and welcoming world!

Vapeur d’Encres offers both a Tattoo studio and a Cabinet of wonder in the same space, featuring a Steampunk style.
Vapeur d’Encres also intends to be a political place where a reflection process is at the heart of our approach. Indeed, our space aspires to be supportive and democratic. We are deeply humanist and we fight against all forms of domination and discrimination.

Tattoo artist

The Tattoo studio

It’s a space where the tattooing practice follows the ethics of the profession and the requirements set by the National Union of Tattoo Artists.

We favor dialogue and discussion for the design of your unique projects. They will be originals as we don’t reproduce any brought drawing. We try to adapt as well as possible to your request while staying true to our artistic world.


Cabinet of wonder

Vapeur d’Encres is also a place of exhibition and outreach where we promote artistic and cultural multidisciplinarity.

We would like people to experience art in all its forms and provide artistic and intellectual experiences thanks to the crossing of several disciplinary fields.

The Cabinet of wonder thus allows artists and speakers to showcase high-quality creative work, whatever the technique or form of expression used. We don’t have a set artistic or aesthetic line: the aim for our lively, free of constraint space, is to express the circulation of ideas at its own pace, following its pulse.


Vapeur d’Encres thus offers a space of free speech and expression, which facilitates sharing and discussions.