Who we are ?

Tattoo artist

Gallerist and Community Manager

sandra carré
Gallerist · Community Manager

Sandra takes care of the Cabinet of wonder, organizes cultural events (exhibitions, lectures) and manages the communication strategy of the venue. She also welcomes you during the opening hours of Vapeur d’Encres and will answer your questions as well as provide guidance and support for your projects.

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The origins de Vapeur d'Encres

Vapeur d’Encres was born in 2017 from a shared passion: the art, regardless of the medium.

We also want to offer the best tattoo experience possible: a safe and reassuring space, support provided throughout the whole tattooing process all the way to complete healing, uncompromisingly on the equipment quality.

We also have the desire to establish ourselves in the neighbourhood as a cultural space, by organising exhibitions and lectures open to all.

It’s with this intention of pooling their skills that Laurelarth (tattoo artist) and Sandra (gallerist and community manager) decided to create Vapeur d’Encres.

The inspiration

Vapeur d’Encres intends to be atypical, with a Steampunk inspiration. The aesthetics of this movement is incredible because it mixes the 19th century’s bestiary and herbarium with mechanical and technological symbols.

To us, Steampunk embodies core concepts, such as artisanship and do-it-yourself. Upcycling old objects, recovering materials and deconstructing consumption needs enable us to embrace a more alternative lifestyle.

Steampunk thus promotes ideas, creativity, inventiveness and imagination, while questioning standards and society.

Cabinet of wonder

Vapeur d’Encres is also a place of exhibition and outreach where we promote artistic and cultural multidisciplinarity.

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